Google Launches Browser Size: Is Your Good Stuff Above or Below the Fold?

17 December, 2009

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invisible hand being made visible with blue paint

The more impatient web users grow, the faster we demand at-a-glance content, the less likely we are to scroll below “the fold,” or the lower edge of your browser window.

Yesterday Google launched BrowserSize, a webpage overlay tool that gives designers, writers, and other content creators the lowdown on how much of their sparkling new content is actually “at-a-glance” or available to visitors w/o scrolling. BrowserSize  lets you search for any site you wish to test. The tool features a variety of “visualizations of browser windows” represented as translucent contour overlays.

What may be best about this is that now there is clear proof of the risks involved when say your “Buy” button falls below the fold for a certain percentage of browser users, as in the sample/default page that opens when you first visit Browser Size.

Use Browser Size to Your BEST Advantage: “See” Customer Needs vs. Your Own

The purpose of the Browser Size tool isn’t to inspire you to cram all your page elements and content above the 90% contour, but instead to think more critically about your visitor priority–her immediate need. Is the priority news about you or your company (not likely and who the hell cares…), or is it how to order something, find something, get quick information, etc?

Think of the advantages to seeing your webpage content sliced and diced this way– here’s your chance to make almost very page on your website a well-designed and content configured landing page–seeing as how you should know that  a first-time visitor could end up on your site via some oddball deep interior page….

Screenshot of Google’s Browser Size tool:

screenshot of google browser size tool

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