More Tweaks Added to Google’s Search Snippets: breadcrumbs

11 December, 2009

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In the last month or so Google has launched some nifty search results mods:

Google is officially “design[ing] the way results appear on” Once upon a time the results were culled from the meta tags site owners attached to their html code. For many customizing the page title and description tags is a standard SEO task and potentially pretty personal. Now there is handiwork going on behind the scenes which is out of the control of site and page owners. Good? Bad? Ugly?

Beyond the jump-links, which offer deeper access to your site (at first glance) and the addition of “real-time” search, we know too that if Google chooses to it can also modify page titles and even page descriptions in the SERPS. Sure, in theory Google reports that all this functionality is intended to deliver better results for the searcher, but how do we really know this? For the truly uninititated web owner or the totally lazy, a Google-tweaked page title and description/snippet may be a blessing and a boon, but what about for experienced others?

Site heirarchies or breadcrumb navigation may now take the place of useless urls in a search result.

For example:

The green text at the bottom of the result correlates to the site’s bread crumb navigation posted along the top of the page to which this result links. URLs that clearly “help you understand the structure of the site and how the specific page fits into the heirarchy” are likely left untouched, reports the Official Google Blog. But URLs that offer no insight could be replaced with bread crumb-like heirarchy if the site offers such clear and best-practices navigation.

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