Google Redefining Relevant Content, Once Again

8 December, 2009

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Redefining, relevant, and REAL-TIME.

Google’s sparkling new real time search capabilities are pushing Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, blog posts, news and more up into the SERP mix. Consider the content ramifications of this… What Twitter updates will make it? With millions tweeting about trendy topics seemingly layered one on top of the other (I’m picturing a gooey layered Twitter baklava), what kind of algorithm really decides which tweet makes the cut?

My screenshots of real-time search in action…. later.

Screenshots: Google Real Time Results In Action

Postscript: It’s “later” and here are my screenshots of Google’s nifty little “real-time” results in action. I searched for christmas, a hot trendy topic with likely a bundle of current commentary and buzz. And, yes, the results page was complete with a new Google real-time results box:

The real-time box scrolls with updated Tweets, news items, blog posts and the like within seconds of publishing/posting. If you see a result that catches your eye simply click “pause.” Here’s the box illustrating how Tweets are handled:

Will be interesting to see how this new search functionality works out. I clicked on one of the Tweets to satisfy my curiosity: it was from a Twitter user with a relatively unremarkable “following,” just appropriate to the query. Blink and you’re sure to miss a result, though….

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