Tactics for Tanking Viral Brand Killers

Anyone who’s in business, building a reputation, building a brand must get smart to viral young guy aims video camera straight at viewercontent.

This includes video. BUT you might imagine that some of the same tactics could be applied to other content tools as well…

400 MILLION YouTube users, says Google

This excellent post I’m about to share from the guys at Brand Strategy Insider, will hopefully illustrate why getting savvy to the power of viral content NOW can head off mercenary attacks on your rep (which btw could also save you millions of dollars in potential LOST MONEY- so the ROI on these business strategies is worth it.).

Hear what happened to Domino’s (approval ratings in the dumper, stock values dropped, and many millions of dollars in lost business …) when a couple of super-dolt employees filmed themselves screwing with customer’s food and then uploaded the video to YouTube….here’s the story plus an expert business brander’s analysis of how a company or business of any size could have stepped in instantly to tank the attack…

[before you read this (or think it doesn’t apply to you) imagine how someone could screw with your business, your brand, your good reputation…would you know how to mount an immediate and  mercenary response?]

“This was fast turning into every CEO’s biggest nightmare – in just eight hours Domino’s Pizza had become a ticking brand bomb.” —Viral Brand Crisis and Strategy

This Domino’s “case study” is certainly not isolated. Here’s another recent YouTube hit story that could be titled, a disgruntled United Airlines passenger launched an effective YouTube campaign that not only got the company’s stakeholders pricking up thier ears, but plenty of media got wind, as well.

Beyond YouTube…Getting Deep and Targeted with Viral Video Seeding

Here’s an eye-popping case study of exactly how Unruly Media built a “mercenary” viral video branding strategy for Burger King. (here’s a “side” of BK you may not have caught before…:)

Burger King and the “Bootyful Game”

a snippet from Unruly’s case study:

“Viral success, with millions of free views…. Does it shift brand favourability? Does it shift product? Burger King’s Bootyful Game shows definitively that this can be done.”

Unruly Media has an excellent list of viral resources… a must-read, a must-link to….

Wikipedia’s list of “Notable Viral Video Sites”

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