Can You Get Google’s Jump Links Added to YOUR Search Snippet?

Can you leverage the new Google Jump-links feature to pull in more search visitors? What does this mean for SEO copy and optimizing page content?

This past Friday Search Engine Land published a post on the newest goings-on spotted around the Google results pages recently- the Google “Jump To” links.

Google is making it easier for search visitors to find relevant content–these search snippet add-ons give users a quick portal directly to a specific part of a website or webpage.  Can we imagine any uses we might make of this functionality for, say, SEO copy and content? Or how page optimization might now make more sense?

The jump links are showing up in the  SERPs, seemingly inconsistently. Today I saw them applied to a Wikipedia page, which was also the #1 SERP for my query, so I didn’t think anything about it (and, btw, when I followed each of the 3 jumps they logically delivered me to that particular sub-topic for taht Wiki page…which is in exact accord with what the Google Webmaster blurb below suggests). But later I noticed another site, located at the bottom of page 1 of my Search results- a domain name site with these snippet jump links–these weren’t quite as logically straightforward to me. Got my brain juice flowing: What sites earn the jump-links? Is there some secret sauce?

On the Wikipedia result I followed the jump links–they led to a number of page subheads on that particular Wikipedia article and in keeping with the description of what constitutes jump-link potential site content posited by the Google Webmaster blog (see the quote below). But the jump links in the search snippet for the domain name site were not so clear-cut. And the more I see the SERPS with jump links added, the more curious I am.

My search query for engineering returned these top 2 results with retro-fitted jump-links:


And my search query for domain names, these resulting snippets with jump-tos:

domainname-jump-links(I took the liberty of including another of Google’s recent SERP additions, the “show more results from…” search link. Read about it on SEORoundtable for more insight on this.)

I thought this was particularly illustrative of the possible advantage to the jump-to links:


Newsflash: added 10/1: I’ve just seen this today:


Again I ask: “How Do I Get Jump-Links Added to MY Webpages’ Search Snippets?”

By optimizing your webpage and website content according to following guidelines…

The Google Webmaster Central blog has this to say about getting these jump-to links added to your search snippet or search block (they  actually call these named anchors):

We generate these deep links completely algorithmically, based on page structure, so they could be displayed for any site (and of course money isn’t involved in any way, so you can’t pay to get these links). There are a few things you can do to increase the chances that they might appear on your pages. First, ensure that long, multi-topic pages on your site are well-structured and broken into distinct logical sections. Second, ensure that each section has an associated anchor with a descriptive name (i.e., not just “Section 2.1”), and that your page includes a “table of contents” which links to the individual anchors. The new in-snippet links only appear for relevant queries, so you won’t see it on the results all the time — only when we think that a link to a section would be highly useful for a particular query.

Let’s keep an eye on this jump-link, named anchors device….

My Swipe File Addition

(POSTSCRIPT 10:24 a.m.) I’ll now modify this portion of my Monday morning brainiac post to read “My Swipe File Addition–NOT!” I no sooner published this post when I had a harsh and quick response  to my swipe file landing page notion. This particular reader saw this image as someone in black-face and immediately racist and let me know about it, asap–the comment is below. Which is great feedback, btw. I was horrified, personally, and about choked on my gulp of coffee, but that’s why we share things and test things. Everyone out here behind their little computer monitors and track balls and mousepads sees from a completely different set of eyes behind which is a completely unique ball of gray matter inside of which are storehouses of experiences, memories, pleasure, pain and history. We all need to share that info….So…NOT added to my swipe file. I’m curious to know exactly what results/responses Search Engine Land has had to this ad campaign, or if they tested before they launched it….

In all fairness, I’ve kept what I wrote about it, and kept the screenshot, though my initial view of it HAS certainly been altered. Any more thoughts? Where the image is from? Search Engine Land–it’s an overlay and a banner ad for their upcoming SMX conference.

“That reminds me– this is completely unrelated to any of the above, but “eye” tickled my memory. I took a snapshot of this pop-over the other day because it was so compelling. I just really dug it. Which for me means it appeals on a number of levels– the copy message, the colors, the image and the overall Big Picture. Typically I would just click out of a popover, ASAP. Maybe it’s an idea-generator, add to your swipe file, etc.”

smx overlay

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5 Comments on “Can You Get Google’s Jump Links Added to YOUR Search Snippet?”

  1. merck Says:

    While I like the post on jump links (will try it), I completely disagree with adding that graphic to a swipe file.

    Having a person in blackface, then associating that with “danger” is racist. Plain ‘n simple.

    I’ve recently added you to my reader since you are mentioned in the Blogosphere are being “one to watch.” I’ll keep watching…


    • jrotman Says:


      Thanks for your comment AND your insight on my “swipe file addition.” THAT type of comment is precisely what online advertisers AND copywriters need to hear. And now that you’ve quickly brought that to my attention, I have new eyes.


      • merck Says:

        Well as much as I love to think I’m the center of the universe, don’t just take my word for it. Ask around with other copywriters and/or the event’s target market. The exercise would be most beneficial if some of the folks you ask hail from cultural communities of color.

        Thanks for you reply to my post, BTW: I’m working on this deep linking angle with a niche health-related site.

  2. Smithb297 Says:

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