Message: Don’t Give Up.

This video from Trey Smith and Anthony Deloach introduces their series–another leadin to a launch or affiliate must-have info-product, which I’m not pushing, btw. But I did spend the 9:33 to watch this. It’s certainly worth putting up here for the secondary messages, including, “don’t give up.” Within the first 5 minutes the two spill the beans on why many Internet Marketers fail to actually make it past a certain point. If you’re an athlete of any kind you can empathize with the idea of hitting the wall, the pain and fatigue, a point at which many competitors stop. When you push past it, keep going and get your head back into it, the going gets easier, you get stronger and more powerful.

Related to the idea of “don’t give up” is the notion that beginning IMers are so dazed and confused, they literally jump from guru idea to guru idea versus playing one strategy all the way out. Many are on the launchpad, without any rocket fuel whatsoever.

While the video is designed for internet marketers and affiliate marketers, the message is pretty universal for any solo or freelance professional. I hate to say it, but once upon a time I worked with a girl–she’d come fresh from an MBA program. Her mantra was “Plan your work and work your plan.” As much as I wanted to choke her daily, that one concept has come back to help direct my own efforts. So, thanks, L.

This is what they say in this video that particularly resonates with me today:

  • Take your idea/inspiration and run with it (can’t we all get into this one?)
  • Don’t give up–keep moving, one foot in front of the other
  • Work your plan, without distraction.

These principles have many applications.

And if you’re getting into IM the marketing Trey and Anthony also offer some solid tips for initially testing niche markets and identifying profitable Clickbank products.

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2 Comments on “Message: Don’t Give Up.”

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