Article Lost Generation

I did that with the title of this post purposely. Screw with the term “article generation,” a term  40% of my traffic uses to find this blog. Blows my socks off day after day. I think I mentioned “automatic content” in one post (now 2).

Surprise is: there’s nothing automatic about this content. And even more newsworthy: if you’re jonesing for an “automatic” copy/content generator I would wager my car that the resources you use online for your own valuable information gathering  aren’t “automatic” either, or scraped, or otherwise conjured. In fact, consider the value you DO seek online everyday. Bet you’d be pretty P.O.-ed if you woke up tomorrow morning (ah, Sunday) and over your coffee could locate no valuable content to click to. Poof!

Automatic — “done or produced as if by machine.” Merriam-Webster dictionary online.

Machine-spun content…. how many times can it be put into a tornado machine before it’s nonsensical, dogeared paper bag of nothing but keywords?

I’m just putting it out there. Not many working copywriters in the IM realm are addressing this practice. Does it have a long-haul chance in hell?

Check out this very insightful thread on WarriorForum, “Is Automatic Content Generation Ruining the Internet?”

BlackHat World SEO Forum– what can I say about this thread? If the examples of auto-generated content provided are ok with you–rock on.

Google’s Little or No Original Content page. Do you think the almighty G will eventually get much better at weeding out auto-gen pages and websites?

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One Comment on “Article Lost Generation”

  1. Paul Hancox, copySnips Says:

    Is it ruining the Internet? Yes. But I don’t think it will really ruin it. All that will happen is the 99% of cr*p will get ignored.

    In the end, I believe great content will always win out, because human beings want to read it.

    I am one of the copywriters who is trying to address the problem. At least in the sense that I hope writers won’t bother trying to compete with the article spinners.


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