Get the Most Mileage Out of Paid-For Copy

investment-increaseYou forked over cash for copy– landing page, website copy, newsletter content, ebook or report–now how do you make a big return on your investment?

Repurposing is one of the best ways to:

  • REUSE good copy and content
  • REVIVE old and fallow topics (which opens the can of worms on deserted content)

Repurposing here doesn’t mean duplicating, although there could be instances in which you’d have necessity to do that. For example, my page, Massive List of Copywriter’s Resources: I am planning on duplicating this page as a resource on another site I’m assembling aimed specifically at web copywriters; and why shouldn’t I? For the most part we are CONSUMED with the behavior of search engines–chiefly Google– and often fail to just use our content for content’s sake, for our viewers and visitors….

Copy for which you’ve paid out money can become foundational for other content.

  • A marketing or link-bait article may become inspiration for a blog post or a small article.
  • You may take a number of popular blog posts and repurpose them into a resource list;
  • You could take an ebook or report and break it apart into various smaller articles (re-spun, of course).

Many savvy marketers and online entrepreneurs use this repurposing strategy to keep conjuring “fresh” blog posts, link-bait articles, ebooks, scripts for any manner of mixed media, and more.

But you can also repurpose high value content to market your products and services. Here’s a very current example:

The StomperNet Stomper999 pre-launch is a 9-day roll-out of some of the most valuable content ever offered in a pre-launch — videos, pdfs, and newsletters, by the fistfuls–literally HOURS of tools and equipment to test-drive against your current business strategies. The StomperNet newsletter downloads–dozens of them– (all free, btw) are articles ripped right from the pages of past issues of StomperNet’s The Net Effect newsletters which are available by subscription/membership only. Here are paid-for expert articles, tutorials, and how-tos that are being leveraged as bonuses/gifts/freebies to attract a whole new band of customers to the Stomper credo. Genius repurposing tactic. And IMers use this strategy over and over again with videos and ebooks and even last year’s coaching courses– all examples of repurposing, re-using, and otherwise recycling content to build a new business tier.

Let’s get real: if you’re laying out money for your web copy, in any form, consider creative ways in which you might be able to reuse it a bit down the road.

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