Smart People vs. Stupid People – Read Now

stupid-business-manI subscribe to a massive number of email lists owned by various copywriters and pro IMers- principally because this is my market and I have to keep pace with what’s immediately going down. But I detest a lot of the stuff that ends up in my inbox– I use 95% of it for knowledge collection only, then ditch it, quick- noted and trashed.

But Perry Marshall is one of a handful of marketers and copywriters I LOYALLY seek out. Everything he puts out is top-shelf–if you know your bourbons, he’s Makers Mark. Not only have I studied his marketing methods–he’s one of the best at email marketing– but I’ve also purchased from him and I can only say that about 3 other copywriters and marketers.

Relevance is key with him. Stupid versus smart in the Internet sphere is a fairly common theme, though vastly unsung. Perry has repurposed an oldish post he made on his blog a while back — Discernment — in which he dissects the differences between smart entrepreneurs and stupid entrepreneurs. If you’re smart, you’ll dig into it with gusto. Don’t expect to find a list of tricks or cheats (those are for stupid people), but go for the brain tickle and insight.

“…stupidity is cheap and plentiful…wisdom is scarce and expensive….” (any applications to your world?)

Perry Marshall, Old Fashioned Discernment in the Age of the Internet

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