You KNOW What Web Copy Works

Are you eager to get your hands on the next Internet Marketing “playbook”?  Do you feel as though you waste more time tracking the elusive secrets and cheats that you’re “sure” are the golden keys for your online business? Join the club. What if you could just twitch your nose– think Bewitched– and instantly have the tools you need to crack the online business success code?

Guess what…

  • Every time you click on an email marketing message – you have found a proven formula
  • Every time you subscribe to the RSS feed of a particular blog – guess what? you’ve got the blueprint for a potentially traffic-pulling blog of your own
  • Every time you look forward to a weekly marketing email newsletter – guess what? you have hit the motherlode on a communication resource that’s a winner (AND subscription newsletters offer massive content ideas, subject line strategies, and layout/design ideas)
  • Every time you are moved by a sales letter, pulled in closer by an auto-responder, wish you had some copy you found on a website for your very own….you strike gold.

Sounds simple, doesn’t it? Just study everything you experience, particularly those you like. BUT how often are you distracted from this very elementary tactic, or feel that building your online business can only be accomplished when you invest hundreds or thousands in information products or high-dollar coaching programs?

It all comes down to moderation, really– dash of this, shake of that. Don’t overlook important marketing resources for sale right now, but at the same time DON’T fall under the information smoke screen. Start collecting the strategies that have proven their mettle through your own actions. Do this with an unbiased eye and you could be well on your way to putting the pieces of a very successful online business together–including the various types of copy that pro IMers employ.

Point is this: while you’re grabbing at online business building strategy straws, one of your best resources is your own instinct, your own taste and preferences. What do YOU like? What messages do YOU respond to?

Here’s my own case study:

I don’t buy much online- I study a LOT of what comes through my inbox, but tonight I did buy a new resource (Lawrence Bernstein’s Made You Look ebook that lists 527 must open email subject lines). First I had to click on his subject line for the actual pitch and then believe it was a resource I couldn’t overlook for the price. Fact is, though, I already have my own list of email subject lines that have worked for me and notes dissecting the components of each. See, I already know what works for me–but the message was so good for this product (another “swipe”). This isn’t to say this resource was a waste–far from it. As a web coywriter you can NEVER have too many headline swipes, patterns, templates, controls, or subject lines as springboards.

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