Beat Your Competitors: ASK Your Unsubscribers “Why”

iStock_000008397263XSmallHere’s my email marketing gripe: I’ve unsubscribed BITTERLY from a few of the so-called “guru” email newsletters. And you know what really chaps my #@$….. they don’t seem to care, never make one attempt  to find out why I’ve suddenly hit “unsubscribe.” Fact is, any time I’ve hit “unsubscribe” it’s been due to unappealing and UNTARGETED email campaigns that have really just pissed me off.

For example, I had been a fairly long-haul subscriber to one of the “six-figure copywriters” lists. I was eager to know when he posted new blog posts, interested to hear any tips and tricks he was willing to share and interested to know what his latest copywriting training held in store. But what I was NOT interested in hearing about was a major new campaign pitch for his special “stable” of copywriters. Here was a guru pitching to a working copywriter the virtues of HIS handpicked crew that he’s telling his list are the only qualified writers going, so jump on board before all the good writers are snatched up. I wondered why he couldn’t or didn’t care to segment his list into– at least– those who are business owners and those who are professional copywriters….what an oversight, I thought. What utter disregard.

My response: Not in my house, pal. ….. UNSUBSCRIBE.

Aweber, InfusionSoft, MailChimp, ConstantContact and so on, all provide options that give marketers massive flexibility when it comes to slicing and dicing your market. Everyday these services are making it possible to more precisely communicate with your customers so this type of thing doesn’t happen. It SHOULD matter when a long-time subscriber suddenly hits that dreaded “unsubscribe” link. Ouch.

Here’s the thing: when someone subscribes to your mailing list it means they are literally giving you a backdoor key to their “house,” so to speak. They invite you in because they share your interests, prefer your products, dig what wisdom you’re willing to share, but you should always respect that permission and make every attempt to detect their interests and repectfully segment your list.

You have a lot of different customers, clients, and followers. Not everything you sell or say is appropriate for ALL your subscribers.

When someone suddenly unsubscribes it should smart like hell. It’s even WORSE to do nothing. I mean I’m BITTER over the fact that those I’ve suddenly unsubscribed from don’t apparently care to know why. Truth is I’d gladly tell any interested marketer why I unsubscribed, I’d even consider opting in again if they expressed the slightest interest in my feedback. What if you could win back unsubscribers by inviting them to leave a reason, a comment for their action? And — gasp– possibly invite them to give you a second chance ….

Why can’t you make that a special part of your marketing communication? What if you could stand out from your competitors with this little bit of goin-the-extra-mile customer service?

In my zeal to research this today I did find this from CampaignMonitor– Find out why your recipients unsubscribe. Really, it”s a completely overlooked strategy for possibly winning back “lost” customers. Why not give it a try?

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