Quick Visual Measurement of Your Site Copy’s Top Keywords: SEO Metrics

Your Online Business is NOT a Game….

number-one-candle-XSmalland measuring your site’s SEO effectiveness is imperative to dominating your niche. Assuming you’ve actually identified your niche…. (It’s also important when crafting the copy and I’ll explain in a minute…)

SEO measurement is not a closely guarded secret. Hordes of SEO “consultants” and gurus, as well as long-time SEO savants freely offer dozens of solid strategies for analyzing the keyword strength of your site(s), as well as the key pages of your site that should be amplifying your strongest terms. (Hit the SEO sweet spot and you potentially outrank all your competitors for your keywords.)

But this morning I tripped on a new tip, from Web CEO—a very VISUAL way to evaluate your site’s strongest keywords:

“If your site is not particularly large, you can create a text file that includes all of your important content. Use a tag cloud generating service, such as those available at http://www.tocloud.com or http://tagcrowd.com/, since these will allow you to conduct a quick, visual test of the idea search engines will get about your site content. If you see that your main keyword phrase is captured as the largest and boldest of the words, then you are on the right track. The same test can be applied to each of your important individual pages as well as the logical site divisions that share the same subtopic.”

from, SEO MixTour from Web CEO, In the Labyrinth of Words Give Search Engines a Clue

I’ve worked with clients that provide everything from granular demographics on target customers, including keywords and lists of top competitors sites, to those with nary a clue or even a concern. The core keywords and keyword phrases are vital information and I’ve urged clients that hire me to write web copy to share this information regardless of the nature of the copy project: informational copy, conversion copy, landing pages, corporate pages, press releases, articles or what-have-you….the copy is a key component in a successful SEO mix, no pun intended.

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