Your copy is crafted for your customers, not YOU

“You” is a vital 3-letter word in sculpting all types of copy, including informational web copy to high performance sales letters and conversion-generating landing pages. But the “you” is about your customers, not your business or product.

Despite the fact that it seems as though we’ve come a long way  baby in architecting our online gleaming cities, weaknesses abound. One of the most glaring construction errors is in the web copy. Yes, visitors to your website are looking for very specific clues at first glance.They give whatever page they land on a quick once-over (there are many studies on eye-tracking and I’m not going to go into any more specifics here). If they detect something that “speaks” to them they’ll devote a few more seconds to a more deliberate scan. And so on until they’ve decided that you have what they need or you don’t. If you don’t, be assured they will blaze a fast trail away from the blah, blah, blah that isn’t doing it for them.

Within a few seconds on any page of your website–remember visitors may arrive via many pipelines (keywords, keyphrases, in-bound links, referrals, etc)–you have an opportunity window and the most weighted factor in that opportunity is your copy. Even IF you’re migrating to video chances are you still must provide some copy as introduction (hook) to get your visitor to click PLAY.

If you’re that nailed into a few seconds in which you get to snag your prospective customers, how do you do it?

A. Listing all the great things about you and/or your business and products?

B. Identifying the “pain” that’s drawn your prospective clients to your business and products in the first place, then offering a targeted solution (relief) for that pain/problem?

The “about us” copy is common. HOWEVER, laying out all the great accomplishments of yourself or your company typically does NOT make sales. No one really cares how long you’ve been in business–what they do care about is how you can help them with their biggest problem, which isn’t time management, it’s the financial cost of that management; it’s not how shiny that new car is or the shade of blue it’s been painted or the size of the engine block, but how they are going to feel about themselves while behind the wheel; in other words, the what behind your customer’s visit is usually not what they really are after….really…. it’s something much more emotional: money, sex, hunger, anger, desire, love. When your copy speaks to one of those needs you are much closer to making sales, conversions and winning return visitors.

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