Trust Building (in its many forms) with Copy

Try a Google search for this keyword phrase:

content is king

Top results are some of the leading search marketing, SEO, and advertising sources on the contemporary internet. In fact, even Wikipedia bubbles up (of course) to the top of this result with its encyclopedic entry on “web content.” The phrase “content is king” has been so over-used it’s as distasteful as a moldy dishrag. It’s the kind of phrase that once had real punch when it was first uttered, but now is so world worn few even hear it any more–in one ear and out the other.

But think about it this way:

Each of the sources that rinses out into the top Google results for this “meme,” as Wikipedia terms it, does so based on massive amounts of consistently high-quality content, proving it in fact.

Much of the content on websites and blogs is copy. Other forms include video and images. But until the web changes drastically and humankind stops reading, wanting to read, and in some cases PREFERING to read vs watch, you can bet that top-shelf copy–Maker’s Mark quality– will always boost trust, rank, and more.

1. Sheering away the beauty of language– the utility of words is this: a great page of really well-written web copy can be crammed with numerous closely related organic keyphrases. (Bob Bly has a short and sweet example of this in his post, Why Copy is Still King)

2. Remember the beauty possible in the “written” word and language. A webpage, even if it’s describing something otherwise dry and boring, errs if it allows dry and boring to take the lead. No one wants to read a boring page about what they do for a living…The more you are able to provide insight and information that:

  • appeals to a customer/client desire
  • stands head and shoulders above that of your competitors
  • is well-written and insightful

–you build trust AND a potentially high performing website.



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