Buzz Marketing: When “Weak Links” are Stronger

Before today, I have to admit that if I wrote an information product, copywriting report or strategic ebook, and I wanted to give some free samples away to build some buzz, I would have imagined my best strategy being contact with a major source in my web copywriting field. After reading this article in Marketing Profs, I’ve already shifted my thought process on that, and so should you. BIG vs small? The ZERO-vs-500 rule of buzz marketing, and why perceived weak links are really the stronger. It opened my eyes for sure.

Ever felt like a small fish swimming in a pond full of much bigger fish? Ever feel as though the barracudas control the food chain?

The question is this: Is it a better strategy to disseminate buzzworthy information to the few big “influencers” in the netosphere…be it Twitter, blogosphere, or elsewhere….or to many small “weak links”? Most people trying to get their product, service and information spread think the former: “let’s spread the word via this guy, he’s really big and has 50,000 Twitter followers….!”

small (but powerful) superhero

small (but powerful) superhero

But what if the latter was REALLY much more effective–what if the better choice was to contact the so-called “weaker” sources?

Here’s the thing, zillions of people are vying for the attention of that one big influencer, let’s call him Mr. Big, but Mr. Big has an inbox so stuffed he deletes most of it, doesn’t have time to check out every Twitter follower, so only follows his own few dozen friends and close peers, doesn’t have time to respond ot every blog comment and has no interest in promoting every Tom, Dick and Harriet’s new ebook or free system for whatever….. Really Mr. Big is like one of those big fat colorful beta fish usually swimming in a very small bowl. His lens through which he looks for new information is relatively narrow in comparison to the smaller guy or gal, let’s call her Ms. Small. The scope through which she looks is much wider–she’s vibrating with information sucked in off the web and intrigued by peer insights, news and in a heightened state of alertness. Ms. Small responds to personal emails from new contacts, and takes delight in sharing with everyone a source she finds that’s more than buzzworthy.

There’s an old shampoo commercial that goes : “She tells 2 friends, and they tell 2 friends, and they tell 2 friends, and they tell 2 friends, and they tell 2 friends ….” you get the picture–exponential information generation, exponential selling and marketing among an exponentially expanding network of small, yet “excited” sources. It’s the “power of 1 (or 0) versus 500.”

The inspiration for the Marketing Profs article was a blog post on Horse, Pig, Cow, called Whuffie Math and it’s the kind of post that will really get you jazzed….read deeply.

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