How Do You Perceive Web Copy? Ask Non-Buyers

A drawing isn’t about the thing being represented–its’ about the space around it. A couple day’s ago SeoBook featured a titillating post, What About Your Non-Customers? Hmmmmm. What about them?

What if you could find out why people don’t buy… Surveys, polls, AdWords –you know the direct approach…ask. Ferociously drill down into the motivation that actually keeps people from buying your product or service…because there’s a good reason. When you can fish-hook that reason then you have the ability to refine your message in magical ways–to remove any objection those non-customers have to buying. You actually customize a message directed to that audience.

The kicker is when you do this you tap untold numbers of customers and clients…

In what ways could my non-customers, or any web copywriters’ non-customers, perceive my services:

too costly for what they need

Do they really know what they need?

we deal with writing everyday, and the value of good and actionable copy seems natural as falling off a log, BUT what if the average Joes sees my valuable webpage of 350 words, as just taht…a page of minimum number words peppered with the few words they’ve been told are “keywords” and any warm body can provide that, right? Grammar, style, persuasiveness, emotion, don’t matter…(that’s my perspective speaking). Maybe these components don’t matter because my prospective client knows nothing about them. He doesn’t know how powerful desire and emotion can be when laced into page copy, or that spelling and grammar can build trust and authority and ensure your customers arent’ secretly muttering to themselves, “Stupid idiot…”

Can I revise my message, or better yet, customize an entirely different marketing message just for this prospect? Just to appeal to his objections? This of course would have to include some specific value.

Check out SEOBook’s post for a few key ideas for making the message more palatable for current  non-customers.

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