If You’re Not Using Keywords to Research Before You Write…

If you’re not using a keyword tool as  research weaponry before you write, you could be missing-by-a-mile what your prospective clients and customers want most.

I read recently, “Keywords aren’t the key to good copy, they are only containers,” or something along those lines. It was a copywriter, btw. First, if I’ve misquoted him, sorry, but on the other hand that’s the first impression I got from his blog post…. Anyway, I took his slant to be a chop at any copywriter that relies on keywords to direct writing. Couldn’t disagree more. They are key, bucko.

One of the biggest missing components in persuasive web copy is the persuasion. Sure you can try persuasive techniques, but if you’re lacking the message that actually provides value (fills an immediate and purposeful need) for your prospective client it doesn’t matter how PERSUASIVELY you’ve crafted your webpage copy, sales copy, etc ….they are gone in a short click. click on, click off….so sorry…

diamonds in your keyword list

diamonds in your keyword list

Use a keyword tool before you write to drill into the real desires of your business or niche market. Diamonds in your keyword list include phrases like “how to….,” “cheap….,” “free….” — and I’ve hit on two main desires (problems to be solved) right there: can I get it cheaper or even better for free (offer coupons, discounts, free bonuses and/or prove your product/service value or worth), and how do I do this…. (offer how-to guides, user manuals, tutorials, and reports that create a fix and make you the go-to guy/gal).

When you’re writing copy about someone else’s business/products, or you’re trying to write your own web copy for your own business think less about YOU and more about how how what you sell or offer meets the needs of someone else (read: your new customer).

Basic and simple-to-use keyword tools:

I have these bookmarked in my Firefox toolbar for speed and convenience.

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