Freelancing According to Policies and Time Schedules

Three of my most popular posts here have covered:


Slacking off “on the job”

Time tracking for freelancers

Taken together, and with the alarming spikes in traffic fueling them, I’d have to conclude that I’m not the only work-from-home writer that tangles with my daily work and monetization schedule….One big happy family, apparently.

Today it’s timely that the new Copywriter’s Roundtable newsletter features a guest post from a copywriting coach. Her sermon covers the basic steps you should to take to wrangle your inner daily wanderer. Why we can’t figure these rather sensible tactics out for ourselves I suppose is the reason there are copywriting coaches in the first place.

I won’t enumerate them all–I dig this weekly CR newsletter and encourage you to visit the site and sign up for it (it’s free, for goddsakes)–but here are a few time-corralling tips to tease you with if you struggle like the rest of us working at home–out of the office, the closet, the kitchen table…

1. Set policies–yeah, real rules to which you hold your freelancing business.

2. Before you begin any day of writing work, you must have a monetizing plan–what is the cash-generator for the day? Now there’s an idea….

Personally, I’d  push this monetizing tactic one step further: if you market your copywriting services via blogging or newsletter (which doesn’t pay you anything in and of itself), dip your toes into any type of affiliate or internet marketing, then maybe set two monetization schedules–the one that you bill right now, ie copy projects completed for clients; the other a future cash generator, for which you set smaller, but clear-cut, chunks of time aside.

resource, Copywriter’s Roundtable

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