Nothing Good Happens Until the Web Copy

“Nothing good happens in your business until the copy gets written.” John Carlton

The word, while we’re being sucked downward in depression, is VALUE. But what does that mean for your business and how do you spin value into web copy?

# Google results for:

  • ‘adding value to a business’ — 21,400,000
  • ‘value added services’ — 21,000,000
  • ‘value added content’ — 67,800,000
  • ‘value added web copy’ — 3,310,000

Do you know the kind of copy product–the words and the formats for text– that actually packs value for your visitors and customers?


  • Detailed information on your products and services so customers can visualize how these things fit into their lives (B2C) or their business (B2B).
  • Detailed descriptions of features and benefits–that include appeals to the senses.
  • Combinations of this tactility with appeals to customers’ needs and deepest desires–meet their pain.
  • Tutorials that teach how to best use your products and services

Precise data, opposed to ambiguous and broad statements, that indicate you control results, sell proven products, guarantee best practices and architect trust and authority. For example, when the temptation is to write, “We sold over 9 million widgets last year that helped many of our customers increase business….” try rocket fueled (value-packed) web copy like this, “We sold 9.6 million widgets in 2008. Our customers reported an average 79% increase in business. Read a few dozen testimonials owing to the power of just one of our widgets…”

Write less about your business and more about tackling the needs of customers. The ubiquitous “About” page doesn’t have to be a dry historical account of your company, but is best spun to educate and illustrate value, always finding means to make it clear that what you do, what you produce, betters the customers’ lives or increases their bottom line.

Just because your business has a website, which you may have paid a pretty penny to have designed and developed, btw, doesn’t necessarily mean you deliver value to ….. anyone. Not to knock a good webmaster, but having one on your payroll doesn’t a complete web presence make. I can put together a basic website, but my specailty is copy and you’ll never find me trying to package and sell both to customers.  And this attention to specialized services is yet one more way you can assure you provide value to your customers–enlist professionals.

Ask yourself, what would be valuable to your clients and customers? Open yourself to their viewpoint, walk among them, see things the way they see them and you will see what motivates them to buy  you must get into their heads and find out what motivates them to buy.

Make something good happen–and if you believe your online business is running along just hunky-dory, why not find out if you can make it even better? Are you about keeping up with competitors or outdistancing them without them even knowing it?

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