Colossal Landing Page Mistakes

As a fairly new  Tweeter I’m FLABBERGASTED by the sheer volume of internet marketers in the online stratosphere. If my world view were based on Twitter alone I’d have no choice but to believe I’m surrounded by millionaire wannabes all with a “coaching” program. What’s really interesting  from the copywriting perspective is how poor most of their website landing pages, sales pitches, and blog landing pages really are.

To Online Marketers from a Web Copwriter: 9 times out of 10 when I follow a Twitter link to your landing page on a website or blog I have NO idea what exact action you want me to take above the fold. In the last hour poking around the IM followers I have I’ve noticed these errors on blog and website landing pages:

  • Extraneous navigation links to family photos
  • Esoteric YouTube videos
  • Weak headlines
  • Total lack of sales funnel
  • SPELLING errors…in an age of online dictionaries and thesauruses (and I promote the real things for everybody’ desk) I just see no excuse for spelling mistakes other than the occasional authentic oversight.

A proper landing page, whether it’s on your blog, website or a standalone lander should follow some basic rules:

  • Find the real call to action– what exactly do you want your visitors to do? Enter their email address for more information, free report, sign up for an e-course, contact you for more info because you’re an “expert” in a particular aspect of online marketing?
  • The headline should be clear, compelling and already have benefits written into it — if you’re selling a coaching program or marketing info product make sure the headline yanks your reader in QUICK and already injects value, simplicity– if I think i have to be an expert or work hard to get this million bucks a year I’m gone in a flash, guys. KISS-keep it simple, stupid.
  • Eliminate other exits–family/vacation photos? Esoteric YouTube vids?! C’mon–if you’re using your blog as a sales pitch you must have some final conversion goal in mind and viewing your family photos I’m pretty sure  isn’t one of them. Either remove the extraneous links that have NOTHING to do with your pitch/CTA or find another vehicle for your lander.

9 times out of 10 I would have clicked away from the blog or site in under 5 seconds if I weren’t just so darned fascinated with the colossal mistakes…

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2 Comments on “Colossal Landing Page Mistakes”

  1. JMarkson Says:

    I’m with you on the extraneous links. It’s AMAZING how many people will give their visitors little distracting path that leads them away from spending any money. I think that is the #1 mistake I spot.


  2. FreelanceVenue Says:

    This article provides good advice regarding landing pages. People make these mistakes a lot!

    Thanks for the post…


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