Free Copywriting Reports Worth Your Time #1

In the interest of separating the wheat from the chaff (read: crap) landing in my inbox I’m starting a regular post dedicated to promoting the GOOD stuff. Here is the first in hopefully a long list of worth-your-time and worth-the-paper-to-print-it-out Copywriting and Marketing reports that contain real actionable information, like a good burger and ice cold beer.

A few days ago I opted into Jack Forde’s “CopywritersRoundtable” e-newsletter. Yesterday…Sunday, which I’m beginning to think is a stellar day to send a subtle promotional email, I received one of the best direct response emails from him, well, probably an auto-responder. But, let’s drop the technicals and deal with the touchy-feely aspects of it–It was written so well that I thought he had written it specially for me. And I’m savvy to the current email marketing tactics…a great short piece totally on-target. Bulls-eye.

While I wait for this week’s e-newsletter, Jack (I’m sure we’re on a first-name basis now) invited me to download a free report: “15 Deadly Copy Mistakes You Can Easily Avoid–Ultimate Troubleshooting Checklist.” Pros: first Mr. Forde points up the fact that even experienced copywriters make errors, mistakes for goddsakes. This already shoves him to the front of my list of real human copywriters. Second, his list isn’t focused on writing your sales letter or landing page or whatever device you’re using to pitch, but how to deal with it when it’s NOT performing. Here is real step-by-step dissection, decoding, and unstuffing of the bird so you can see exactly where your approach, pitch, rationale, promise, push, and close are falling through AND followed by the right steps to take for making the erroneous copy fly right.

The report printed out runs 12 pages–all actionable, no bull-crap.

troubleshooting checklist

troubleshooting checklist

  • Check out his #5 “Right promise, Wrong timing” –recommended strategies for re-evaluating current markets, trends, or what he calls your sales “window of opportunity,” and
  • #10–reviewing and tweaking the start of your sales letter using a yellow highlighter to break it down and sift out the root problem.
  • 15 mistake-ridding strategies …

It’s free, so go here and opt-in… Copywriters’ Roundtable

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