Paint it Red! Why Mess with a Good Thing?

I went to the New Haven St. Patrick’s Day Parade today. Suffice it to say I’m sated for probably another 10 years. Lots of people, 3 hours long, a lot of alcohol being consumed–it wears thin…

Anyway, this is a fairly big parade and fire  companies from all over the state come to show off their engine companies, dress up in their finest uniforms and roll in the march.  Every time a yellow or white firetruck drove by (there were a few of them) a woman standing a few people behind me yelled at the top of her lungs, “Paint it RED! PAINT IT RED!!”

If she did this once she did it two dozen times. I mean it was Xanax time.

Of everyone at that parade and everything going on–she will be what I remember most and, eventually, it won’t be in such a disdainful way, either. In fact right now I kind of admire her balls to point out the obvious: if you’re going to fight an effing fire and your’e going to plow your way through traffic to get there, why the hell would you opt to ride in on a  big white truck? or yellow? when RED is the right message?

Fire engine red — it’s a real color, a descriptor we use to clarify a shade of red.

any kid’s school book shows a fire engine as having the color red.

ask any child what color a fire engine is and he or she will answer “red.”

Sometimes, even in copywriting, it just doesn’t make sense to mess with a clear and proven message.

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