Green Light in a Red Light Economy

When  business brakes are squealing on all sides of you in response to the train-wreck of an economy, what’s the right move for istock_000004021042xsmallyou? Are we just rubbernecking or is there real reason to stop short and be scared?

The evidence that online marketing — business — is pushing full speed ahead is more than hearsay. And that bodes well for online copywriters.

Good news is that many online marketing strategies  demand copywriting at some point in the lifecycle, including reports, email sales letters, newsletters, press releases (which by my observations could be breathing in new life), white papers, sales letters, websites (I’ve noticed quite a few websites that have undergone recent renovations), article marketing, linkbait…and the list of web copy vehicles could go on.

Current web copy challenges:

First the market for web copywriter services continues to get more competitive largely due to its porosity–anyone can throw their hat into the content-writing ring if they are scrappy enough or have a well-trafficked blog; I think the tiers of expertise and experience are still forming, the strata of writers–those that are really building a reputable freelance business, those that are looking to make a few extra bucks from home, and those that believe in shooting for cash over craft….there are other categories of “pros,” but that’s what I see as stand-out populations.

Second, amid all this elbowing for personal business space you’ll have to really carve out a copywriting niche in which to mine clients and target your work; the shooting at the broad-side-of-a-barn strategy is over. This is my challenge for right now.

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