Slacker Intervention: When Your Work Day Goes ADD

Baby EinsteinEvery once in a while, in the middle of my afternoon, I’m suddenly aware that I’ve been caught dumb like a deer in the headlights. I mean I’m all OVER the place, like a 2-year old with a sugar rush: 10 tabs open in Firefox, trying to Twitter (newbie), tweaking a blog post, adding keywords to my “power” list, watching my cat bathe in the sun, sucking down Diet Coke, emails galore from marketers, watching some “must-see, highly recommended” video, reading the NYTimes, na, na, na..

It’s not usually like this, thank God. Because this is what most folks say when I tell them I’m a freelance web copywriter and I work from home: “Oh, wow, you’re really disciplined. I would never be able to do that, sit still and concentrate all day…”

Maybe today is one of those days I purge my pipes, as far as work goes anyway; get my time waster on, slack off, let my ADD run wild and free.

But I really don’t have the time or the extra dough to just slack off for a day!

My steps to pulling my inner ADD copywriter BACK on track:

  • Purge my head of the stuff I have that’s really driving the craziness–grab the whiteboard and scribble as fast as I can the ideas, urls, headlines, pitch ideas, lines of poetry, head vomit that needs to come out before I can do anything else.
  • Close about half the Firefox tabs; close email if necessary; close blog
  • Focus on the immediate project I have to complete (long linkbait)
  • Jot down a simple outline plus questions, notes
  • Make a cup of tea or a cup of coffee; quick break that formally ends “playtime” PLUS I left with real work ideas in my head…a kind of mid-stream thought.

That fixes it…I’m kicked right back on track. Just have to know when to perform my own intervention.

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