Landing Page Study for “Government Grants” : Side-by-Side Comparison

The use of a blog format as landing page and leveraged to sell affiliate products and services surely was genius when first used. But the recent glut of diet blogs, wrinkle blogs, and teeth whitening blogs–read: landing pages (flogs: fake blogs used for sales purposes, quick game for the search engines, easy auto-content gen, build trust)– has injected a real question of authenticity into the blogosphere in general. Here’s a smackdown post on the The Fake Diet Girls—thanks for the tip, Greg. I’m still amazed that some marketers are making money in these markets…

Landing Page Study: Comparison of  “government grants” landers: Good vs. Poor

You’ve likely noticed the new glut of government grant paid ads since the economy has soured, marketers no doubt scurrying to cash in asap with affiliate products.

This landing page is a pretty poor example of the current crop of “government grant” affiliate programs:

landing page study for "government grants"

landing page study for "government grants"

1. The copy on the page is really poor. I can’t say how many hits this page gets or if it converts–people are desperate right now, so who knows.

2. Images: the official looking seal on the upper left hand corner is a lame attempt to look like a government seal, but it’s just a graphic with these words : “federal government grants.” The photo of the woman–have no idea what the message of this image is: “Representatives are standing by…”? “I’m taking your money and I’m happy….” or “Wow, I’ve received free money from teh government and I’m happy…”? Big problem is the images are not clickable or particularly targeted.

3. Click to the blog portion of the “website” and you’ll see really thin, content PLUS it’s all regenerated from other sources! I just wrote about this in a prevous post–auto content and scraping. This “official review” site has only 2 posts on its review blog and both are ripped from other sources–not okay as far as copyright goes. Here’s a snapshot of the blog:

poorly used flog for gov grants aff site--scraped content, unauthoritative

poorly used flog for gov grants aff site--scraped content, unauthoritative

Telltale signs that this is  a fake blog created on the fly to sell affiliate products:

  • Poached content–totally ripped in whole from other sources–Washington Post and USAToday. (This means there is NO expert here, no one that can even write a blog post. This took minutes folks to setup.)
  • Only 2 posts
  • One month of archives and nothing recent.

Example of an effective Landing Page for Government Grants

Compare the above LP with this in the same market and decide for yourself which is more effective:

landing page study: Effective example of "gov grants" affiliate lander

landing page study: Effective example of "gov grants" affiliate lander

What this landing page gets right:

  • Color scheme
  • Creating authority: top quality images/graphics, nice choice of fonts, quote at the top from President Obama, quote from the Washington Times and use of its letterhead
  • Better target on keywords: government grants, economic stimulus, (vs. the previous that only targets grants)
  • List of benefits and features: “pay off,” “consolidate,” “start,” “access”– all strong verbs
  • Strong call to action with a suggestion of scarcity: “Demand is expected to be very high for these programs.” Message; get your info now.
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2 Comments on “Landing Page Study for “Government Grants” : Side-by-Side Comparison”

  1. GrantS Says:

    You got to have top graphics. This is the basic necessity.


  2. jrotman Says:


    Top graphics are only part of the equation. You clearly spent time making sure your site copy was well crafted…for a reason.


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