Webpage Design Consideration for Web copywriters

sherlockxsmallDesign is not totally independent of web copy. And there is one bit of design that is relative to the chunks of web copy you are hired to put on a page.

Here’s the concept:

Readers scan parts of a webpage, they rarely read the copy from headline to page end. This is why we don’t write like Jane Austen or William Faulkner when we craft web content. The Poynter Institute has a lot to say on the way users scan a webpage and much of it that is applicable to both design AND copy/content.

PI studies consistently show that most users are impacted first and foremost by whatever content is in the upper left quadrant of the page, which could include part of a header, part of navigation and the upper left chunk of copy, including headline (which is probably quickly scanned for keywords), before eyes dart lower on the page.

Once lower on the page users dance over paragraphs–make them short instead of long. A good rule of persuasive copy is to turn relevant copy into bullets and use bold text sparingly and to emphasize important concepts you don’t want missed.

eye-scansource Poynter Institute, Eyetrack III

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