I LIKE Working….

25 January, 2009

Freelance Writing, small business

I like getting up in the morning and working.

I love writing for a living.

I like working hard at doing it.

I like learning more about my business and my market.

I like it when I can deliver web copy that works.

I like learning what others are doing.

I don’t have any interest in getting rich off of nothing.

I don’t have any desire to buy some dumb fancy schmancy sports car.

I have no desire to spend the rest of my life wasting time lying around on a beach because I’ve devised a get-rich-quick scheme for slackers who hate to work and who claim “everything’s too hard” — whine, whine, wah, wah.

Not this copywriter, slackers. Thinking is NOT too hard for me. I much prefer firm brain matter to mushy gray pudding.

doyousuckatmakingmoney…   Yeah, Zoobie, I do. Always have. Me and money are like the same ends of a magnet, doesn’t mean I’m ready to become a slacker toad, ripping every other I-can’t-think-too-hard-cuz-it-makes-my-head-hurt wannabe slacker off in the meantime.

Go away already, I’m effin’working…..

omigod, the Easy button!

omigod, the Easy button!

[excuse me….little email inbox meltdown never hurt anyone.]

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