Dominate a Web Copy Niche

The WORD on the Web is “niche.”

If you don’t get that as a web copywriter you write for marketing most of the time, B2B or B2C then you’re missing the mark, the big target, bullseye. I thought for too long that I was writing to craft really nice prose, perfect copy, and it finally sank in. Now I spend spare time soaking up as much of the trends of strategies in web marketing as I can. Why? Because these are the people I write for and they help pay my bills…. Their interests are MINE.

Get yourself a niche:

How do you find a niche, you ask? A niche can be any topic under the sun, the more specialized it is and the more knowledgeable YOU are, the better. AND if you can combine specialization with expertise (insider know-how) and excellent copywriting–you can easily dominate in a web copy market.

Here’s a simple way to research “hot” or popular niches:

Go to

Mouse over any of the  Search Examples in the lefthand field-unless you change these they are popular search topics. When you mouse over you are shown a more targeted sphere of closely related, popular search terms. YOu’ll also be shown a list of web results along the right in relation to whichever keyword you have your mouse pointer on. quintura

For example, I saw that cell phones was a popular Search term. I entered cellphone service into the search field and was returned a much more “visual” search cloud from which I could then refine my interests in much more granular niches:

  • cellphone plans
  • cellphone service
  • cellphone repair
  • business cellphones
  • residential cellphones

You get the idea. Suppose I felt as though I could write passionately about business cellphones. I would hit up Google and Yahoo! for their top search results and for each I would pull top keywords.

Tip: Download the new SEO toolbar from It’s totally free and seamlessly integrates with a Firefox browser. Test a few of the functionalities in combination with your “niche” research. Find top keywords, links and compare competing sites for traffic, etc. Use the SEO Xray tool to quickly mine meta keywords and see numbers of inbound links. Very powerful tool for  strategizing an online presence.


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