Forge Valuable Web Content/Client Collaborations in 2009

grow well

grow well

Competing with piss-poor, lackey writers, elbowing your way through the web content mud pit and general Freaking OUT I do not believe is the path to follow in 2009. If, like me, you are facing challenges in building a respectable web copywriting business, face some facts:  there ARE thousands of bad, inexperienced  hacks/ writers getting freelance jobs writing copy (for less than the price of a McDonald’s Happy Meal), mostly for clients that don’t care or don’t understand how MY business works.  So let’s just get over it right now. They do not define your business. Instead, take your energy and figure out how you fit into the scene as a business person providing a valuable service. Turn your exasperation into web copy fuel.

Do some soul searching, really evaluate the online environment and develop a short-term strategy that squeezes the best of YOUR writing juice. And learn something everyday (Tony Robbins calls this: CANI–constant and neverending improvement–it will eventually separate you from the pack). Put your work out there to one or two clients, the best you have, sincerely, every time and you will, step-by-step, compound your business opps as well as theirs. Web copy Karma…

Serious about web copy? Not print copy, not magazine writing, not fiction writing—WEB COPY. Millions of websites out there and millions more domains in need of good copy. Quality copy sells, it builds trust, and it has staying power, but more than that — you: your experience, your motivation, your ability to recreate top-notch copy products.

My goal for 2009 is to forge a few very valuable alliances with clients that are seeking effective/powerful/persuasive/potent web copy from an educated, working, in-the-trenches web copywriter.  Let’s talk, test, rewrite/renovate when necessary, and test again, celebrate the small victories, learn quickly from the failures and build reputable mutual businesses–ongoing collaboration. You are running a business, just like your clients–educate them to that fact.

Every internet marketer won’t like my work, he or she won’t pay a fair price for your know-how, your experience, your agility. Perfect. Figure out up front who they are, wish them luck, and move on…happily. You have work to do and other clients who DO give a damn and DO seek you out, over and over. Give them your time and energy.

How confident ARE you with your work if you only want to crank out crap on a page, deliver, get paid and then ditch?

Respect yourself, your business, and your peers. Peace.

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One Comment on “Forge Valuable Web Content/Client Collaborations in 2009”

  1. Russell Says:

    What an uplifting post! I feel able to rise above “piss-poor” now! Thanks.


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