Web Copywriters: Imagine Yourself a Swiss Army Knife

Are your potential web copy jobs being taken over by individuals that have lost their jobs? And, if so, what can you do to solidify your place in the real professional world of web copywriting?

It’s no secret that traditional newspaper journalists have been suffering job cuts for months–they have fallen victim to the digital dominance and the turbulent economy, which has pretty much been the last straw for any industry or business close to the brink of ruin.

Where do you think many of these writers are turning to find work?

Today, the New York Times online frontpage has this story: Former Bankers Turn to a Creative Plan B. What does that have to do with your webcopy career? According to the story these out of work go-getters’ creative solutions include the pursuit of writing gigs. And that should put you on alert. (Plenty of other hacks loitering about already, as well).

Here’s the thing: the age of Citizen Journalism arrived a few years ago, but the pot is getting more and more crowded if you’re one of the alphabets in the soup. I feel it. Do you? The virtual elbowing in the online web copy world?

Knock on wood, I’m one of the lucky ones- I have a current freelance webcontent contract that may carry me through 2009, but like many others I am concerned about how to really position myself to continue building a full-time freelance career as time goes on. And the news that so many new competitors are out there logging into freelance bidding accounts and pitching clients (that could be yours and mine) is a bit unnerving.

When it’s clear the online playground is getting scrappier….

Become the Swiss Army Knife of web copywriters:

successful webcopywriter

successful webcopywriter

  • Diversify your writing portfolio–make it a sample of every type of writing you’ve done, but don’t include half-assed pieces, only your best.
  • And speaking of “best,” put your best work out there for every client. And, yes, it’s going to cost you a bit of extra time, but remember–the competitors are barking and growling at your back door. Outperform whenever possible!
  • Keep abreast of the newest trends in online marketing. Many of your clients are potentially aggressive internet marketers and their business goals are constantly changing. If you have the inside track on their needs you win over a writer that hasn’t a clue.
  • Create and build an online presence of your own–blog, webpage, website. Be diligent as possible and consistent. Wired mag published a short article a few months ago that pretty much portended the death of blogging, which is really total bullshit. Their argument: the blogosphere is over-populated. Then GET OUT already! Your blog doesn’t need to be accessible to thousands of readers everyday to be successful. The goal: a few really good long-term client-alliances. That is the combination I believe will be the most successful in the future. Besides, the rule of The Long Tail holds. And I don’t give a crap about what “great and famous” blogger has moved onto Twitter, or whatever else is the current internet drug du jour. So blog on, if for no other reason than some will actually buy that blah, blah, blah and quit blogging. All the more blog acreage for me and you….:)
  • You might try publishing some articles to a content directory such as Associated Content or Helium. Don’t expect to mine big bucks from these, but they are decent vehicles for getting your work read online. If you write enough (remember–quality over quantity –potential clients reading) you might even earn a few bucks.

Times are tough and the web is getting crowded. Instead of freaking out, plan your work, and put your best out there every time.

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