It’s Not About You

Try to sell ANYTHING from toothpicks to begging for charity handouts and only when you embrace this mantra will you be successful. Turn whatever drives YOU around to appeal to what drives your customers.






Those are some of the top human obsessions and they have been part of our DNA from the beginning of Time.

Consider the shopping sales that draw huge crowds the day after Christmas–my God, we still WANT even after we’ve received. We consume. If you can sell the consumer a need or turn around your need to mirror that of your audience, passersby, clients, customers then you …. convert.

But what if it’s not that simple anymore?

What if you’re out here with thousands of others like you converting–what makes you different? How do you keep an audience’s attention?

Imagine an audience of one. One person you are speaking to. Really that one person is representative of dozens, hundreds, thousands, and maybe millions of others, but when you imagine addressing one person you are likelier to distill your message much more like that you’d direct to a friend, confidant or close acquaintance. That touchy/feely kind of copy could give you the leverage you need over others.

*Use “you” in conversion copy,–landing pages, sales copy, conversion copy.

*Avoid passive voice, “Our widgets may be purchased by…” and use something like this instead: “Hey, Larry, buy our widgets here before they are gone….” Passive voice wallpapers the Internet and it seems to be the perspective many web copywriters defer to when left with flimsy options or when they are pure lazy and don’t even attempt to dig up a nugget of real information or data.

*Talk to yourself–out loud…really. And if you can’t figure out why then good luck.

*Read: Neuromarketing, by Renvoise and Morin

Tested Advertising Methods, by Caples

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