Words with Powerful Meaning: Smack Up Your Web Copy

Over 85,000 online users searched for “words” last month. The search stats I just saw surprised me–yiddish words, word games, slang words, word puzzles, word searches, word scrambles, wrongly spelled words, thoughtful words, words of condolence, rhyming words, spanish words, etc. Everyday I also see users that find my blog when they search for “powerful words,” “small words with meaning,” and “words with powerful meaning.”

Regardless of how digitized we become it’s clear that WORDS remain one of the cornerstones of humankind.

Here are a 2 ways you can quickly smack up flat web copy:

Words that have sound, or onomatopoeia, have particular power when built into your writing and web copy.

  • Slap
  • smack!
  • screech
  • plop
  • fizz
  • plunk
  • wham!
  • thwack

Add in words with sound to create dynamic high points in your copy. Words with sound, onomatopoeia, introduce an extra layer that engages readers more deeply.

Call to Action: Basic VERBS

Of course, powerful words are also some of the Call to Action (CTA) words that pepper a lot of marketing and conversion driven copy:

  • Buy
  • Learn
  • Read
  • Try
  • Fuel
  • Put

and any other words that inspire action. As parts of speech, they are the VERBS, the keys to creating action in any kind of writing.

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2 Comments on “Words with Powerful Meaning: Smack Up Your Web Copy”

  1. Wolf Douglas Says:

    check out the video on the web site titled ONOMATOPOEIA…


  2. manofgod777 Says:

    As a professional freelance Copywriter, I found your above post both informative, interesting, as well as useful. You are exactly right about using words that contain “action.” People respond to words that
    grab their interest, and relate to them on a personal level.

    Good Post! Professional Regards,

    Stephen Monday http://www.AAAWebcopyservices.com


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