Freelance Writers Working from Home

28 September, 2008

Freelance Writing

Kudos to Brendan Koerner’s timely essay on the real truths behind telecommuting (in this month’s Wired magazine). I’ve been a freelance writer for nearly 4 years now and I work remotely, from my residence–in fact, I’ve come to prefer it and frequently wonder why so many companies still demand writers work onsite. In this month’s Wired the issue is nicely distilled: telecommuting is a no-brainer. Businesses resist because they are control freaks and the “collaboration” excuse no longer holds water either, a number of very good online conferencing and document sharing apps make a clean sweep of that excuse.

I have long held to the fact that I am so much more productive as a telecommuter simply because it eliminates what I glibly term “the watercooler factor,” the lost time due to fraternizing, gossip, and other office cultural phenomena. I quizzed a couple friends the other night on exactly how much time they estimate they really work during an average 8 hour day in their offices/worksites. One said 3 hours, the other gave a humorous report of 30 minutes. Truth was neither could account for 8 hours of productive work during their daily routine. I could. Solid, pure, unadulterated work time. When I get up and walk away from a project, the timer stops. My personal time, whether it’s productive errands/tasks or wasteful lallygagging, doesn’t come out of the pocket of a client/employer and this scheme is somehow much easier to rationalize once you’ve set up shop on your own turf–the boundaries become simply crystal clear.

It’s interesting to note the companies that want to “sell” themselves as innovative and creative leaders when they are so unable to synthesize freelance, telecommuter writers into their business models for one reason (excuse) or another.

Read the Wired article for a more expansive argument on the subject.

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2 Comments on “Freelance Writers Working from Home”

  1. Jamie Simmerman Says:

    It also eliminates traffic jams, fussing over your wardrobe, and paying high gas prices! Long live freelancing from home!


  2. Barbara Whitlock Says:

    You should add to your freelance writing options as well — pajama attire welcomed!

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