Begin to Shape Your Business and Product Message in the Search Results

17 September, 2008

Copywriting, seo, small business, web content

By the time a business owner– frustrated because he/she is failing to convert customers elsewhere–is pinning hopes to a revised product/sales message in a response email  it should be clear to everyone (who’s paying attention) that the front-end product message is

1 either incorrect, misleading or muddy

2 non-existent

I’m thinking website copy and message, PPC advertising strategy and/or landing pages.

I’m actually illustrating a problem experienced with a particular business that sells web products–high end web products. I’ve heard about it second-hand.

Problem: company claims that unsolicited customers are misled about the quality of the products being sold–many conversions lost. This company believes their solution is a well-targeted response email designed to specifically go to all prospects that fail to buy; in this email they want a detailed explanation for why their products are priced as such and their value in the big scheme of things, like theyve lost customers b/c they just don’t understand- REALLY -the product being hawked.

That response email is not going to fix a thing, no matter how good the copy. Somewhere on the front end of this business, and I’m guessing website–they;’ve missed ample opportunity to make their message rock solid before anyone even lands on their home page. Somewhere the product message available to these unsolicited visitors is not candid, doesn’t convey the true marketing message.

Is this your situation?

Unsolicited customers I’m guessing are turning up the business’s website in online searches for these particular products. Right off the bat I’d love to see the webpage titles and page descriptions that any user can see right in the search results. Here is the first opportunity to make a marketing message and product clear. Revise weak and ambiguous webpage titles so each and every page of your site says something about your business or product. Tweak page description tags — remember Google only gives you a line or two of your description in the SERPs, so make optimal use of it. Write one or two clear and distilled sentences that match that particular webpage.

Second I’d love to see the website homepage copy and subsequent page copy. Has the company even attempted to set themselves apart as an authority in their market, create newsletters that build one on top of the other with clear and appealing messages?

How about a blog? press release? an article writing campaign? Even one of these strategies can offer traction for a business looking to sharpen their product or service and/or set themselves above cheaper versions, as is the case with the above business example.

Before you resort to paying writers to spin a misplaced marketing message in a response email- to the wrong people, go back and first try to find out why so many potential customers are misled from the get-go, why the lackadaisical cheapskate even ended up on the website to begin with. I would bet that a big hole in the leaky pipe could be patched right there.

There is, of course, a population of site visitors that do deserve a well-designed email, but not this particular target crowd–wrong rationale, wrong tack, wrong message.   this from Lawrence Bernstein:

“As marketers, people buy our products and services not based on how logical we make our arguments but on how well we push emotional hot buttons.”

When this business actually tightens its front end then sifts out only the real potential “unsolicited” customers, then they are ready to spin a response that does push the right buttons.

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