Full Speed Ahead with Solid Content and Page Copy

9 September, 2008

Copywriting, web content, writing

Worried that content will soon take a backseat to Web 2.0 apps?  I’m here to assemble the experts that say otherwise. Copywriters and content producers–put the pressure down. Web 2.0 is here, and fever is high, but it could be a too much too soon over the top toy-box. In fact some experts suggest that copy and content will need to evolve to even sharper levels in order to withstand search engine heat.

1000 Watt Blog says “It’s Time to Work on Content.” Web 2.0 has “delivered some great things,” but that “it is time to pull off to the side, grab a cup of coffee and work on the fundamentals.” That would be good copy and solidly constructed content.

from Bad Language: Writing as Branding

“Companies lavish great sums on ads, branding and websites. But they give less thought to the everyday writing they create. I’m not talking about copywriting in adverts. That’s poetry. I’m talking about prose. The humdrum stuff of daily business life: press releases, contracts, marketing collateral, website content and the rest.

“I believe that writing is a fundamental part of a brand. Finding a corporate voice and using it consistently adds weight and distinctiveness to a brand. Companies that neglect their writing risk short-changing their brand.”

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