“Small” Words, Powerful Meaning

7 September, 2008

Copywriting, Language, web content

Update: I’ve followed up this bare bones post with another that gives readers 4 go-to lists of powerful and short/small words. If you’re looking for 1. calls-to-action, 2. small but powerful take action words, 3. words that sound like sounds, or 4. colorful turns of phrase that will surely punch up any lackluster copy,  then hop on over to my post called Words are Sharks and Clownfish and Stingrays (oh my!)

I’m talking the power of words like:

  • niche
  • micro
  • bits
  • mini

all these terms permeate online copy and content. Once upon a time in a small village far far away, small was not so great. But in the world of mash-ups, collaboration and innovation–don’t forget marketing–small implies powerful business characteristics, including agile, nimble, quick, fleet-footed, and lightweight, all the characteristics that a business or professional would desire to be by today’s standards.

Small means you can dominate a small piece of the market, you can be plug-and-play, a collaborative component, and ultimately, an expert, specialist and micro-market master. Read Chris Anderson’s The Long Tail. It’s a classic textbook of online marketing and the new age of abundance versus the old of scarcity. Our product choices are nearly limitless in an online retail world which means many tiny niche markets. In each niche market you have leaders–those that dominate market share–and those that don’t.

Now being small is enviable.


Chris Anderson’s Long Tail blog–where it all began and the dialog continues.

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One Comment on ““Small” Words, Powerful Meaning”

  1. nootropics Says:

    Good facts Kudos!


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