Why Storytelling Works

6 September, 2008

Copywriting, Creative Content

I had a nice little newsletter from Marketing Profs in my inbox this afternoon. It linked, as they usually do, to a good marketing blog post, but emphasized the value of story-telling in marketing. Here’s the link to the Get to the Point newsletter for today.

What’s remarkable is that storytelling isn’t used more in advertising and copywriting because it can be very effective. By our human nature we are drawn into a fable, a “once-upon-a-time” lead-in. We lean in ready to hear the joke, chuckle over the story of our best friend’s blind-date. We pay money to be sucked into a fictional world in books and movies and comic books.

Early conversion-driven copywriters used storytelling to trigger our emotions and to motivate us. Take John Caples’ classic, “They laughed when I sat down at the piano” long form copy/sales pitch.

Unfortunately on a day-to-day basis creating a story and throwing open the door to a potential customer/client at just the right moment induces a level of fear that writing copy and text from which we are removed as a participant or intimate on-looker just does not.

Here’s another take on it:

Jacqueline Voci, of Voci Communications, answers the question: What’s the greatest obstacle to good storytelling?”

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