Last Night I Ripped “Coercion/Conversion” Keywords from a Political Email Just Before I Mashed the Trash Button

I realized this evening that I’ve been summarily deleting any and all of the Barack Obama camp emails I’ve been getting for months, ever since I visited a political blog back in April.

Ironically I’ve also been plugging away at the book, Words That Work, by Dr. Frank Luntz. Over and over Luntz’s message is, “It’s not what you say, it’s what people hear.”  He has become a leading “language architect” in the political world and much of this book takes a look at how persuasive language has been successfully applied to politics and business with examples ripped from political campaigns and speeches. Political writers are, lets face it, in the biz of coercion. Let’s boil this down to copywriting terms– I hear conversion (in place of persuasion and coercion). Political emails, speeches, advertising are all gunning for sales conversions–the ultimate “customer buy” or call to action that happes in the polling booths come November.

Back to my Barack Obama email I was just about the ditch: This evening just before I deleted my newest daily Barack Obama advertising email I opened it instead.

Here’s what I found:

you believed…change was possible

against the odds

building this movement

faster and tougher

our purpose is clear

And then I opened my Trash Bin and cracked open another and another:

rolling up our sleeves

deliver real change

No, these emails are not all absolute masterpieces, but they are, nevertheless, designed and crafted by professionals trained to deliver direct mail conversions. And some of the copy is worth saving in phrases to my lists of “magic” keyphrases.

copyright Kenn Kiser

copyright Kenn Kiser

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