It’s All About Writing, Blogging “at the End of the Day”

24 August, 2008

Blogs, writing

Scott Berkun, writer of Myths of Innovation and others, posted recently on the term “blogging.” Berkun said,

“I still have trouble with the use of the word blogging – Why can’t we just say writing? … at the end of the day when someone puts words into sentences, and sentences into paragraphs, the skill is writing. I don’t care where those paragraphs end up, or what technologies are used – the biggest challenge is to write well.”

Interesting, because there may still be a misconception that a blog somehow frees the author from the formal labels. We may be more comfortable substituting the word blogger for writer or author, blog for article, essay or commentary/opinion, and dynamic posting for any real revision and process that leads to polished piece.

Popular mainstream user-generated blogs began as online journals, diary entries when the first blogging platforms were made easy and widely available, way back in 1999 — most were hardly formal and polished. Evolution has taken place, but what blogs have done is to allow “writing” to take place without the fear associated with that action. Blogs have freed up the paralyzed voices of zillions of online participants who, if instead were called upon to submit formal online written pieces each day, might otherwise go into cardiac arrest.

I essentially agree with Berkun, just don’t let the millions of bloggers know they are expected to turn out well-crafted prose and everything will be okay.

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