Effective Copywriting Vehicles Everywhere You Look

20 August, 2008

Blogs, Copywriting, web content

I have written only a couple of what are defined as “white papers” and that was back when I worked in-house as a copywriter/editor. I don’t think at the time I really understood what my possibilities were from a marketing perspective, so I’m on a mission to find out how white papers could be leveraged as a marketing tool.

But while I’m at it, what other copy vehicles may be or have been utilized as marketing vehicles?

Really the key to a really good copywriting marketing strategy may be to find the textual medium that is a still ripe niche. And I’m not sure there exists any “virgin” marketing content, but some are less overrun than others. Even classified ads have been used as effective marketing vehicles.

Blogs are being used as communication tools by growing numbers of businesses, but as far as I can tell many continue to languish without regular attention or commitment to their real marketing potential. Here’s a list of Fortune 500 companies with blogs. I clicked on quite a few–many are not updated regularly and only a few are really going strong. This company blog author is a cartoon character. Here’s a great post on building business blogs, just what this copywriter needed to hear.

Clearly the uses to which email may be put are well known and direct marketers continue to refine their lead generation and spam filter evasion tactics. I’ve actually added more than a few crazy good direct marketing emails to my swipe file. A few of them are just really well done.

Newsletters–yet another opportune vehicle for a few reasons: up front build an avid and loyal audience, get your message across and build a solid contact/lead list. Most good copywriter/marketers use them as a direct lead in to more bankable information vehicles, including seminars, workshops and specialty bootcamps. Readers live for free tips, tricks and strategies and newsletters offer the right medium.

Wikipedia–the big vehicle in cyberspace–is not the fertile ground it once was. In fact this online territory offers little opportunity for copywriters looking to write for biz markets. Businesses and corporate notables that do manage to carve out a wikipedia page are also wide open for totally unbiased editing and less than desirable PR.

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One Comment on “Effective Copywriting Vehicles Everywhere You Look”

  1. Michael A. Stelzner Says:

    Hi (not sure what your name is because I cannot find it anywhere your blog);

    I think you will find a lot about the marketing power of white papers here:




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