Review Dreamweaver How To Manual

19 August, 2008

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I’m learning how to use Dreamweaver to maintain, grow and edit some fairly large websites for a client. I bought a manual a few days ago: Macromedia Dreamweaver 8 by Tim Negrino and Dori Smith. It’s one of the Visual Quickstart Series of books. I actually weighed it against one other in the bookstore and finally went with this. If you need a manual for this type of work here’s my review:

  • Indispensible for explaining all the various features of Dreamweaver, provided you know nothing (like me)
  • Really short on long-term website management using Drmwvr.
  • Really short on development of website navigation–I count 2 formal pages dedicated to website navigation and much of that is how to apply navigation to images/graphics buttons (why?)
  • I needed specific info on server side includes (didn’t know that when I bought it): not one mention, anywhere in my $25 Dreamweaver manual. Huge omission in my opinion. The book says it’s designed for Beginner/Intermediate, but is this not worth a page or two? It’s really not that difficult to get once SOMEONE explains how to use them.

If you need a brief, but concise explanation of creating and using SSIs for your websites here is a page I wish had been included in this particular manual:

Server Side Includes from SmartWebby

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