I’ve given it to you! How to Pull Great Ad Headlines from Copy

I had a copywriting epiphany today. I was asked on the fly to crank out a high quality bio for a business partnership. So I did what I could do with the information given and the time constraint. While this was not conversion copy, it nevertheless was advertising/promotional in nature. After I’d sent it off I realized that as written my client could, if she thought about it or was directed as such, could literally rip-off some of the bio copy and turn it to advertising headlines–I’m thinking Adwords here and other very conversion-oriented collateral. Maybe only one or two sentences or snippets of copy could be molded to this purpose, but that’s huge, it was a total giveaway. And it could go completely unrealized.

I’m hoping that there’s a lesson here for all sides–copywriter and clients:

copyright Nicholas Raymond

Copywriters: in how many pieces of copy material you’ve sold to clients have you given away advertising/sales nuggets? Had that ad-savvy copy come about as part of a Google Adwords project or sales and marketing collateral, would you have stood to rake in more money? Is it possible to leverage this lost copy opportunity to generate further business opps with the same client?

Clients: how many copywriters have sent you material in which you might find embedded even one or two absolutely golden ad/sales headline possibilities?

My copywriting lesson: Realize what you give away and attach a value to it. Find out how you might be able to leverage a client for more business: “Hey I have given you this thing–it’s free, it’s right there in front of you. In and of itself it is worth _______ to your business if you use it right– and I gave it away. I have an even bigger basket of ‘gifts’ that could be used to earn your business a lot of money. Give me 5 minutes and let me show you…..”

photo credit: copyright Nicholas Raymond

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