Link Bait for Real Copywriters

Get real metrics and links worth measuring. Why Digg “votes” don’t count.

Everyone has their own definition and comfort zone for link bait, copywriters and marketers, both. I consider myself a very experienced copywriter with marketing experience, but my biggest talent lies in copywriting, so I suppose my concept of link bait is more reserved than say that of a guerrilla marketer.

Link bait, if you’re unfamiliar, is any type of story, essay, etc written/created/developed to generate links to a website or particular webpage for purposes of marketing and traffic-building. Linkbait may be low-brow or high-brow, formal or informal, heavily researched or written straight from the gut.

I write a lot of link bait pieces, some successful, some not so successful. I write for clients whose interest is in building valuable and relevant links within their specific markets. I like that. My goal becomes then trying to get into the heads and hearts of a particular audience and brainstorming the issues, topics that may make them sit up and take notice, compel them to share the content with colleagues and readers based on its insightfulness or just plain excellent information-ness.

But there are other kinds of link bait. There are always the stories about the marketer whose outrageous, bombastic piece of fiction netted a client 1500+ Diggs. Big whoop. diggs–they’re equal to hands raised in a classroom half-ful of idiots. Diggs DON’T in any way translate to valuable inbound links to your website. They are here today and gone tomorrow, those “avid” readers. I am so under-impressed with the Digg “metrics.” If you really want to weigh in on the meaningfulness of a piece of link bait then count the backlinks generated from reputable and relevant sources within the target market, b/c those links are the real deal, the ROI that matters.

Matt Cutts on Linkbaiting for more real-world and relevant information…

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2 Comments on “Link Bait for Real Copywriters”

  1. seo Says:

    It is a nice article. I am a great admirer of Matt Cutts.


  2. Kate Says:

    Diggs may not be big as a metric, but I have had a few people discover my sites that way. Not enough to count it as anything more than a handful, and I tend to rely on Google Analytics anyway. The only reason it is worth having on your site is that I have found that some editors count them as a way of judging bloggers. Being able to say you have been on the front page of Digg means something to them, and I’m all for things that get me jobs.


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