Packed-to-the-Gills Copywriting

Packed-to-the-gills copy is marketing driven, conversion oriented, rocket fueled sales copy designed to turn the slightly curious into cash-cows. It’s more than “persuasive,” it’s duct-tape you to the chair good. The message goal: you can’t live without this product, service or information, imagine how good your life could be, how happy your wife would be, how well-behaved your kids, with this stuff, this thing, this secret….

And it works.

Why does some over-the-top, packed-to-the-gills, balls-to-the-walls copy actually net followers?

When sales copy, even outrageous hooks, suck in hordes of clients and customers you know it’s stroked the reader’s G-spot, their weakness, and/or their biggest need.

John Carlton is a guru for the 6-figure-copywriter crowd, a pro at leading starved copywriters like me to the well and telling you you’re dying of thirst that you are absolutely missing out on the most over-the-top generous package of industry “tricks” ever given away for such a price. Wow, as much as I want it, John, I’m broke and trying to learn the game from your newsletters and other marketing collateral and I venture a guess I’m not alone.

money, money, money

I’ll admit it, over the last year I’ve subscribed to a couple of email newsletters from like-minded sales pitch pros, with the intention of studying each and every word cluster and intended message behind their copy, because it’s in there. In some cases I’ve been successful at deconstruction, making my own word and phrase lists for copy leverage–and they’ve worked for me, as well. In other cases I just want the strategies they’re selling, which means they’ve snagged me and it’s too late.

Perry Marshall of Adwords fame, is another of my faves–I’ve collected his best newsletters into a folder and refer to them from time to time.

All of the most successful, six-figure copywriters and marketers know very intimately what moves their customers and they go for it, push the want and need all the way in copy that is quite different from anything else.

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