Getting Good Blog Stats–More Than Just Traffic Data

I learned recently from my WordPress blog stats that comprehensive site stats can help you create and develop more targeted content. WordPress’s built-in blog stats are exceptional, by the way, in comparison to other blogging platforms’ built-in stats, ie. Typepad blog stats tool (totally sucks–I mean I could manage better with a piece of chalk and a blackboard…).

My epiphany came about when I began to take more than a casual interest in the Search Engine terms that led my blog site visitors to particular posts on my blog. All blog stats are not built alike: the fact that WordPress includes the search engine terms users typed in is really quite exceptional; you often must pay for this kind of add-on. The information you can glean from this data is critical to bloggers really working hard to target content. In these search engine search results lie golden keyword nuggets. Follow the daily keystrokes of your visitors and you can really fine-tune your posts accordingly.

That brings me to another theory: don’t let old posts lie fallow. I think you can get extra traction from them if you go back into Edit mode and tweak keywords and phrases based on follow-up data. Republish, setup pings to Google, Technorati, and others.  In my experience it seems quite possible to net even more traffic from what you may have considered ancient news.

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2 Comments on “Getting Good Blog Stats–More Than Just Traffic Data”

  1. uduzit Says:

    It’s great, and it works, but it needs to show me where my folks are coming from. I would also like a full list of my posts and the activity they have had, past and present. Maybe paying Mint a few dollars is the answer. Smiles. ET


  2. Kate Says:

    I think a lot of new search engines are rejecting the Google style rankings, Cuil just might be able to do something about rating on content, if they can stay up!


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