My Lame Ass Blogging

9 February, 2008


I’ve been up to my eyebrows in political blogs for the last few days–work-related research–and here’s what I’ve come away with: Blogging out loud and putting your issues out there can net loyal readers AND possibly offer an outlet for frustration and anxiety.

1. There is much more to say and ways to say it,  as well as issues and non-issues, topics to blog about than I ever realized.

2. Compared to some of the hard-ass political bloggers I read recently I must admit my blogging seems a bit a lame. Most of these folks have a serious torch for their topic and I must be missing something or I’ve let too many esoteric BS things between me and a good impromptu write. “Wordbang”…I don’t bang the words nearly enough. My New Years Res: put the goods out there. It’s a blog so what if it’s not always so neat and clean?

3. With all the attitude being slung out there (blogosphere) I have a theory: surely the incidence in violent crime must have dropped since the age of blogging… because talk about an outlet…for writers AND for readers. I think if you blog you understand most intimately the cathartic relief in letting it OUT, whatever “it” may be.



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