Truth About Abandoned Blogs

28 December, 2007

Blogs, Internet, web content

I’ve spent the last two days literally up to my eyeballs in political blogs–the result of research I was asked to do for work. Fact: thousands of blogs have been thrown up in advance of the 2008 Presidential election, many with no more than a few obligatory posts. Post Prez race? Thousands will sit vacant and stagnating.

Number 1 service all this cyber flotsam continue to provide post Prez race:

  • Provide fodder for a more structured web. Flimsy blogs might do more in the long run, even though so much of the data is redundant.
  • Data will be available in all kinds of mediums: text, video, podcasts, cartoons
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2 Comments on “Truth About Abandoned Blogs”

  1. Alison Says:

    Dead blogs are just cyber junk sitting and clogging up unknown teragigs of memory. I’m trying to find out how many blogs are dead or abandoned? How many haven’t been updated in the last 3 months? I know I’ve got three, so should we extrapolate? Do you have any ideas, places to find out?


  2. Cliff Says:

    Like most things in life there are flashes in the pan and long slow cookers. The flashers have a momentary passion and the slow cookers have a plan to get from here to there to there to there. I’m certain there are other world and national events that engender the same kind of frantic startup and sudden death.


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