Don’t Let Your Writing Process Get Bogged Down on One Little Detail

5 October, 2007

Freelance Writing

When you get ADD and go AWOL on a detail, how to easily pull your writing back on track.

I sound like I get work done really quickly, but I’m offering this trick I use because I don’t move particularly swiftly in my writing all the time. I’m working on it. If you write like me you’re easilsoldier.gify tied into the “rightness” of it. I write web content. I pride myself on producing thoughtful, and compelling work that is appropriately cited and supported with authoritative research. When I get in one of those research pits–the one in which I suddenly strike out away from the real momentum in search of some disparate citation or resource, I lose sight of the big picture and sometimes my real focus; certainly time and money.


In this situation I have to ask myself if the point I’m struggling to make is really essential to the overall piece I’m writing.


If you can go on without a formal source/citation to make your case, try reframing the point in a question. Engage your reader; ask him or her to think about this particular thing. In most cases if you’ve laid other groundwork and are clear about your thesis then a reader already has critical thinking going on. Really, what’s more stimulating, a hard-won fact, or a well-placed call to consider?


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