If You’re a Writer Who Uses the Internet as Much as I Do…

1 August, 2007


I am literally on the internet possibly 8-10 hours a day, 5 or 6 days a week. I could have written a book on search if I had been so savvy. But, “savvy” isn’t my specialty–precisely why I write for other people.

Writers that spend this much time online must become familiar with the features available in search. I am reading John Battelles’ book The Search. He writes that 95% of the internet users do not use the advanced search tools provided by almost all the search engines, or the major players–Google, Yahoo!, MSN, AOL. What’s sad is that, I rarely use the advanced search features. Ironically I’ve even written whole articles for a client on how to maximize Google for searches on specific topics, but could be anything–including my stuff.

However, I will fess up to expanding my keyphrase length. We all know that our search capabilities have evolved–we’ve gone from the state of being one or two word primates to being multi-word savants. Well, some of us. Plenty of online surfers/searchers remain mired in a relatively slim vocabulary. I have honestly gotten to the point at which I type in whole sentences to the search field–that’s how ballsy I am in thinking that there might really be someone out there with similar info. In some cases, it’s pretty close. In others, not even in the ballpark.

My point is, though, that even if we don’t use the advanced search features–maybe as a way to save time–but many of us have actually moved ahead into the search stratosphere.



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