Real Estate Biz Going Blog

18 May, 2006


Realtors are realizing the next Westward movement is into blog territory.  We're not even commenting on basic search engine marketing or Pay per Click– that is so….um, done.

Blogging is the current trend. is abundant with releases announcing niche market blogs in the real estate industry.  Perhaps it was fomented by the May cover story in Realtor Magazine, "The Power of Internet Marketing."  That was the overall theme, but I thought the power-punch story was the article, "Blog World."  The success story tells of a realtor who started her own real estate market blog a couple of years ago and now credits a significant chunk of her business to its success.

Now, my theory is that blogging is a monogamy.  You either do it, or you don't; there is no sometimes or one-time-only.  If you're a one-night-stand kind of person, stick with a fully optimized static website fused with a pay per click strategy.  Blogs require attention, careful coaxing of subtle aspects of marketable knowledge not necessarily readily available at every realtor's doorstep. 

My company specializes in providing websites for realtors pre-loaded with a dozen original and engaging articles on their local niche neighborhoods, including trends in urban development and real estate, as well as sensory details that stroke a reader's interest in the area.

A blog however, can do all that and more.  But the content must be updated regularly, concisely and engagingly.  Because of the current craze and the reality of most human behavior, there are a couple of questions I'm rolling over in my brain:

  • how saturated will the real estate blog market become?
  • how quickly will the blog heyday take a nose dive?
  • when it does, what blogs will float to the surface like jetsam and inherit their market's expert status?


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